Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More on the AALS Annual Meeting Registration Rip-Off

A colleague elsewhere writes:

Thanks to GuideStar.com, I learned last night that Carl Monk made over $400,000 in salary and benefits during his last year, and I assume that Susan Prager is similarly overpaid.  (The relevant forms haven't been filed for the years since her hiring.)  Jane LaBarbera gets only about $200,000.  So what we have, I suspect, is a classic group of corporate "leaders" who profit mightily from their ability to exploit a constituency that, to a remarkable degree, seems indifferent to being ripped off.  It would be interesting, incidentaly, to compare AALS salaries (and registration fees) with, say, the American Historical Association, the APSA, the APA, and the like.  I was struck a couple of years ago, when I went to the Eastern Division of the APA, to have to pay only around $65 (and, of course, I wasn't even a member).  It was like visiting a different world.  The people seemed smart and pleasant, and I didn't detect a paucity of intellectual engagement!

More precisely, in 2007, Mr. Monk, then the Executive Director of the AALS, earned over $475,000 in salary and benefits (salary:  $361,732), while Ms. LaBarbera, the Managing Director, earned over $220,000 in salary and benefits (salary:  $182,900).  Their compensation alone accounts for about 13% of 2007 expenditures.  Mr. Monk, certainly in my limited experience but as I also heard from others, was singularly unpleasant and officious to boot.  Why would he be making more than most Deans of reputable law schools?  Per the suggested comparison, the American Philosophical Association employs just two individuals full-time administrative staff, whose 2007 salaries were in the $50-70,000 range.

UPDATE:  Thoughts from Larry Ribstein (Illinois).


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