Wednesday, January 13, 2010

AALS Annual Meeting Registration Fee Is Not (ahem) "Popular"

So with over 300 votes cast, over 80% of respondents think the registration fee is too high, and nearly half of those are obviously quite worked up about it (they chose the answer:  "It is outrageous, and those at the AALS responsible for this highway robbery should be pilloried.")  Only 11% were content with the status quo, though another 7% did think the fee was defensible given the level of services.  Even discounting the results a bit in light of the fact that malcontents are more likely to respond, it's quite clear (and certainly consistent with all my anecdotal evidence) that the majority of law professors think the fee too high and unreasonable.

But would lowering it make any difference in terms of attendance? Let's try another poll.  Please only respond if you are someone who does occasionally attend the Annual Meetings.

If the AALS Annual Meeting registration fee were cut in half, would that make you more likely to attend the Annual Meeting?

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