Monday, January 11, 2010

AALS Annual Meeting Reflections #1: The Registration Fee

Having just come back from my first AALS Annual Meeting in at least a decade, I plan on posting a few thoughts and soliciting some reader feedback on ways of improving the meeting.  But I thought I'd start with a little poll on what is always the first topic of conversation:  the registration fee of $425, which is, as those who attend other professional society meetings know, quite a bit higher than the norm.  I wrote about this long ago, but this year I, of course, paid it, actually did attend a few sessions other than my own (which were mostly interesting albeit uneven), and probably had five or six dollars worth of bagels, cookies and coffee provided by the AALS.  Anyway, here's the poll:

What do you think of the AALS Annual Meeting registration fee of $425?

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