Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Top Ten" Law Faculties in Intellectual Property/Cyberlaw

Let the voting begin.  I included many of the schools that asked to be included, though we'll see whether any of them end up in the "top ten."  I dropped Yale, since with only Jack Balkin in the general area, it clearly wasn't going to be competitive.  I also cut back on some of the embarrassing padding of the lists, after reviewing homepages and CVs.

Needless to say, you should only be voting if you actually know something about scholarship in these areas!

As before, if any blogger with an "interest" in the outcome links to the survey to generate votes, that school will be disqualified from the ballotting.   There isn't a lot of integrity to these Internet polls, but there has to be some!  (And, fortunately, Condorcet is very hard to strategically vote in, which is why the results in the polls so far haven't been foolish.)

UPDATE:   The faculty starting with Stuart Benjamin should also have included Laurence Helfer.

TSK, TSK!  I've detected some attempted strategic voting from the detailed ballott reporting, and if it continues, the affected schools will be dropped from the results (even though it's part of the beauty of Condorcet that even brazen strategic voting has a de minimus impact on the outcome).

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