Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lawsuit Against Autoadmit Harassers Settles

A reporter from a Connecticut newspaper left me a message today that the two women who were plaintiffs in the lawsuit against their harassers on the Autoadmit cyber-cesspool have settled their claims.  I haven't yet seen an account of the settlement, though will post a link to a news story when someone sends me one.   Meanwhile, the Autoadmit site is apparently long moribund as a place with even the pretense of law school discussion, partly due to the lawsuit and partly because, I am told, a hacker took control of the site some time back and is now able to monitor the identities of posters--a kind of cyber-justice, as it were. 

UPDATE:  The Connecticut news item.  Since I wasn't asked about the "possible impact" of the suit or the settlement, I'm not quite sure how I "declined" to discuss it (as the story claims)!  Ah, journalism.  Of course, I hope that Section 230 of the C.D.A. will be repealed or modified, but that hardly separates me from the rest of the civilized world.

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