Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Best Schools in Law & Economics?

The last poll generated sufficient interest, that it's time for another scientifically infallible blog poll:  rank the ten best faculties in the area of law & economics.   As with the earlier poll, I've listed more than ten faculties, but I'm pretty confident no faculty omitted would make it into the top ten.  Again, you are given a faculty list rather than a school name, so that evaluators have to respond to the actual faculty.  No doubt we've missed some faculty here-and-there, but hopefully not too many.  Since, of course, anyone can vote in this poll, I plan to run a similar one just with specialists later in the fall.  It will be interested to see how this utterly unscientific poll compares to the specialist poll down the line.  Note, too, that the beauty of the Condorcet voting system is that it's rather hard to vote strategically.  Once again, please note that any blog associated with one of these schools that links to the poll will be disqualified!  Even blog polls have some standards.

Have fun!

UPDATE:  A first, non-trivial (though probably not decisive) omission: D. Dharmapala should appear on the faculty that begins with A. Aviram.

MORE ERRORS OF OMISSION:  K. Spier on a faculty that starts with L. Bebchuk (that's a bad one); also J. Fischman on a faculty that begins with K. Abraham.   And the faculty starting with W. Bratton should include C. Brummer.  Some omitted rookies have also been called to my attention, and I've  made a note for purposes of the specialist survey down the line.

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