Saturday, August 8, 2009

What is your attitude towards veganism?

Perusing the law blogs, I'm encountering more and more folks who are now professed vegans, i.e., those whose dietary regimen excludes all animal products (so, e.g., all dairy products).  (There is more information on veganism here.)  Veganism and epecially vegitarianism is common among philosophy students, but I am struck by the increasing interest among law professors.  I am curious to see what attitudes are among readers of this blog towards veganism.  I hope the five choices reflect a reasonable spectrum of opinion.

UPDATE:  Unfortunately, some pro-vegan websites have now linked to this, thus skewing the results, at least for now.  I would encourage other law-related blogs to link, so that we can get a less skewed sample of opinion.  Thanks.

Which statement best expresses your attitude towards veganism?

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