Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DePaul College of Law: Heading to Loss of ABA Accreditation?

Sixteen senior law faculty at DePaul have reported the scandalous way in which an Interim Dean was chosen to the ABA, claiming (it seems almost certainly correctly) that it violates ABA rules requiring faculty consultation in the selection of a Dean.  (Earlier postings on the DePaul deanship scandal here and here.)  Will the ABA step up to the plate here and reign in the out-of-control Provost at DePaul?  At a minimum, the ABA ought to re-open the site evaluation of DePaul.  At the extreme, intransigence by the DePaul Administration could result in loss of ABA accreditation.

UPDATE:  A colleague elsewhere is skeptical the ABA will step up to the plate; he writes:

I suspect that the ABA will do nothing to DePaul.  I left my last law school because of a failed Dean search, where the administration did much worse in the selection of a permanent Dean.  I suspect that if a poll were taken it would find that the ABA regularly ignores most of its standards.  For example, a former colleague of mine was at [school name omitted] when the administration fired the Dean.  Even though he held faculty rank he was terminated and not allowed to remain.  When the ABA investigated the ABA was told that the law school did not really have tenure, even though that was the representation made to the ABA.  Result—nothing.

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