Monday, April 27, 2009

Solum Updates the Entry-Level Hiring Report

Here.  He has the gross numbers (they do not discriminate based on either quality of placement or additional degrees--some ambitious soul might crunch those numbers), here's a size-adjusted ranking (total placements this year [so far] divided by average recent class size):

1.  Yale University (.130)

2.  Stanford University (.057)

3.  Harvard University (.047)

4.  University of California, Berkeley (.040)

5.  University of Chicago (.030)

6.  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (.029)

7.  Columbia University (.027)

8.  New York University (.022)

Someone with access to the AALS faculty database could also calculate something like the success rate of grads on the market.  The one problem with this is that all schools tend to have more alumni who register with the AALS than are credible candidates.  I am not sure, for example, how many Chicago alumni registered this year, but of the seven rookie candidates we were working with, six did get tenure-track jobs, and some had multiple offers.

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