Thursday, April 2, 2009

Best Academic Publishers in Law

The earlier poll is now closed; with not quite 200 votes cast, here are the "top five" academic presses in legal scholarship:

1. Oxford University Press  (Condorcet winner: wins contests with all other choices)
2. Harvard University Press  loses to Oxford University Press by 108–65
3. Cambridge University Press  loses to Oxford University Press by 123–57, loses to Harvard University Press by 95–82
4. Yale University Press  loses to Oxford University Press by 128–50, loses to Cambridge University Press by 101–71

5. Princeton University Press  loses to Oxford University Press by 145–29, loses to Yale University Press by 97–73

University of Chicago Press was a very close 6th (losing to Princeton by 89 to 73), while Stanford was a distant 7th (losing to Chicago by 119 to 42).  Bear in mind, of course, that some presses do have very prestigious specialty niches (University of North Carolina Press in legal history is a prime example).

These results strike me as fairly sensible, and about what I would have expected.  Some readers might be interested to seehow the academic presses are viewed by philosophers (Yale is relatively weak [barely 'top ten'],  Oxford and Cambridge dominate, and Routledge, Blackwell, MIT, and Princeton are all major players).

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