Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vanderbilt's Ed Rubin to Step Down as Dean This Summer...

...after four years as the Dean.   I was sent Dean Rubin's e-mail to the Vanderbilt community, but have not seen a news release on the subject.  Rubin joined Vanderbilt from Penn in 2005.

UPDATE:  The Vanderbilt news release is here.  Amidst all the genuine accomplishments during his tenure, the release also, disgracefully, mentions the meaningless "improvement" in the school's U.S. News rank from 17 to 15 (Vanderbilt has been 15 other times in the last 19 years of the U.S. News 'reign of terror', and then fallen back to 17 or 18).  As any grown-up knows, moving up in U.S. News is unrelated to anything in the real world.  A shame to mar the announcement with this nonsense, which might imply (wrongly, I hope) that Vanderbilt engaged in more trickery than its peers and betters.


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