Friday, February 20, 2009

Where are the women?

Ann Bartow (South Carolina) notes that the list of the "ten most cited faculty" during 2005-08 included no women.  Of course, there were many women who were among the "ten most cited" members of the most highly cited  faculties.  Here, per Professor Bartow's request, are the ten most cited female law professors (with the caveat that there might be some scholars whose schools were not included in this sample who might have made the list:  e.g., Carol Rose at the University of Arizona): 

1.  Kathleen Sullivan (Stanford University), 900 citations

2.  Martha Minow (Harvard University), 820 citations

3.  Deborah Rhode (Stanford University), 800 citations

4.  Martha Nussbaum (University of Chicago), 740 citations

5.  Reva Siegel (Yale University), 730 citations

6.  Margaret Jane Radin (University of Michigan), 690 citations

7.  Mary Ann Glendon (Harvard University), 640 citations

8.  Judith Resnik (Yale University), 630 citations

9.  Catharine MacKinnon (University of Michigan), 620 citations

9.  Roberta Romano (Yale University), 620 citations

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