Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Top 10 Events of 2008 in the Legal Academy

10.  Jack Goldsmith and Adrian Vermeule (both Harvard) were 'outed' as well-behaved "house conservatives" by badly behaved conserative Todd Zywicki (George Mason).

9.  The law school at Berkeley won the 2008 "Thank God U.S. News never audits the data schools self-report" award.

8.  Colorado's Paul Campos was selected by acclamation as "The Law Professor Most Hostile to the First Amendment Rights of His State University Colleagues." 

7.  NYU Law School solidified its position as the retirement destination of choice for faculty from elite law schools.

6.  New York Law School, meanwhile, has made clear that it is the most underrated law school in New York.

5.  Two elite law schools, long hostile to hiring law-and-philosophy scholars, both made senior appointments in the area this year, thus, decisively, conjoining Judge Edwards's famous "growing disjunction."  

4.  Rick Hills (NYU) received the award for being "The Law Professor Most Likely to be Invited to Dinner at the House of Phyllis Schlafly."

3.  U.S. News failed to respond to the fact that its 'method' for ranking law schools was now totally, and quite publicly discredited.

2.  Meanwhile, law school reputations in the real world remained unchanged.

1.  But in the world of "insiders", Harvard Law School clearly re-established itself as the top law school in the country (at least in terms of scholarly distinction of the faculty) for the first time since the 1970s, while Yale faculty and alumni lobbied furiously for Dean Kagan to be appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Happy New Year to all readers!

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