Monday, November 17, 2008

Epstein to Retire in 2010, but Will Continue Teaching at Chicago and NYU

My colleague Richard Epstein--who has been on phased retirement for several years now, teaching in the falls at NYU as a visiting professor, and then teaching in the Spring at Chicago as well as serving as a permanent Fellow at the Hoover Institution in Palo Alto in the Winter--will conclude the phased retirement from Chicago officially in 2010, but continue with the same divided schedule under new titles:  he will  take up a professorship at NYU (where he will continue to teach fall semesters) and continue teaching at Chicago thereafter as a Senior Lecturer in the Spring (as well as continuing on at the Hoover Institution).  The Chicago press release is here.  This works out happily for Richard (who gets one of those famed NYC apartments that NYU periodically doles out [Richard's adult children live in NYC]) and for us (since he will continue to teach at Chicago [where he's actually just bought a new apartment as well], notwithstanding the conclusion of his phased retirement).  (Epstein is the second distinguished senior scholar that NYU has hired after their retirement from another top law school--NYU hired Arthur Miller [civil procedure] a couple of years ago after his retirement from Harvard.  I would like to strongly urge both NYU and Northwestern to continue their practice of hiring Chicago faculty upon their retirement for at least 25 more years!)

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