Thursday, November 6, 2008

Autoadmit Updates: "Two subpoenas away"

I haven't written about the Autoadmit lawsuit in awhile, but there have been some developments worth noting briefly.  I'll post them, below the fold, with a warning to readers that I am going to quote some of the words of the loathsome defendants to make clear what's at issue in this case.

Matthew C. Ryan, an undergraduate at the University of Texas in Austin, has become the first of the sociopaths from the Autoadmit cesspool to find out that, as I wrote in March 2005, his actual identity was but a couple of subpoenas away from discovery.

Among Mr. Ryan's contributions to the marketplace of ideas were the observation that one of the female Yale Law Students who is now suing her Autoadmit harassers is "a silicon tit'd [sic] whore," whose father (who had allegedly been convicted of a crime many years earlier) "g[a]ve blowjobs at Sing Sing for the protein"--indeed, as Mr. Ryan explained in a comment directed at the female law student:  "Here's a hint you stupid fucking cunt:  [performing oral sex is] a daily routine for your felon faggot father."  Well, that does clear things up.  While the harassment of this woman was at its peak, Mr. Ryan also let it be known that, "I'm doing cartwheels knowing this stupid Jew bitch is getting her self esteem raped."

Hopefully Mr. Ryan's parents will secure for him appropriate mental health counselling to help him cope with his anger, misogyny, and lack of basic empathetic capacities.  They have already secured an attorney to try to represent him in light of his probable negligent and/or intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Another individual has outed himself as among the participants in the Autoadmit cesspool.  Ryan Mariner of Atlanta (who is reported to be a law student at Fordham), has identified himself on the grounds that he "did nothing wrong" in posting about his desire to join a "gang bang" of one of the plaintiffs (I'll spare readers the further details and context:  see paragraph 42 of the complaint for the details) and is now moving to dismiss, even though there seems to be a clear question for the trier of fact about whether or not his statements constitute intentional and/or negligent infliction of emotional distress, which is why, ironically, his own brief devotes its longest sub-sections to these allegations.  I guess we'll find out if a court agrees.

Finally, one of the Autoadmit sociopaths has, it appears, ponied up for his bad behavior and so will be spared lifetime disgrace for his involvement in one of the most notorious Cyberspace cesspools of our time.   The other defendants should take note that the only comment attributed to this defendant was the following:  “I wonder if [DOE II’s] titties (along with all the slutting out she’s been doing) are going to affect her back later in life?  Hopefully it doesn’t have an impact on her reverse cowgirl, which I have heard from several people is incredible.  Until you get the clap.”  I guess an actual lawyer, as opposed to the delusional and infantile morons on Autoadmit, advised his client that he wasn't going to fare well explaining this lovely item to a jury.

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