Monday, October 27, 2008

NYU, 2002-2008

On page 46 of the new NYU Law alumni magazine, which is sent to every law professor in the U.S. (yawn), and which, happily isn't quite as laugh-out-loud ridiculous as it used to be under John "I never met a bit of hyperbole that embarrassed me" Sexton, there is a list of the 27 faculty hired during the tenure of Dean Richard Revesz.  It's a somewhat eclectic list of hires, but the best are indeed very good.  (I count at least four, perhaps five, that I, and I imagine my colleagues too, would have loved to have hired here.)  But it raised in my mind the question:  who did NYU lose during this time period?  Here's my best reconstruction:  Yochai Benkler went to Yale, then to Harvard; Henry Hansmann came to NYU for one year then went back to Yale; Noah Feldman, Daryl Levinson and Robert Sitkoff went to Harvard; Robert Daines and Larry Kramer went to Stanford (Kramer as Dean); Larry Sager went to Texas; Michael Schill went to UCLA (as Dean); Gerald Lopez went back to UCLA; Stephen Perry went back to Penn; and a number of prominent NYU faculty retired, including James Eustice, Thomas Franck, and John Philip Reid, among others.  Tallying up the gains and losses, it looks to me like a slight overall net gain for NYU under Dean Revesz, all the more notable given what a competitive period it has been for faculty hiring.

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