Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blog Traffic Rankings, Again...and Anyone Want to Buy This Blog?

Blog Emperor Caron once again updates his rankings of blogs by traffic.  He leaves out a rather interesting statistic, namely, average visit length, where there is huge variation, ranging from (in minutes and seconds) 1:40 on my philosophy blog, 1:35 here on the law blog, to :02 at Instapundit, :22 at the Volokh blog, and :38 at Caron's Tax Prof Blog.  Blog Emperor Caron pays us by page views, and since he is relentless in fishing for links from high-traffic blogs, Tax Prof Blog does well on that count:  2.9 million page views in the last year, compared to my "mere" 1.2 million.   But factor in the average visit time, and you get nearly two million seconds spent on my blog, compared to a bit over a million seconds on his.

All of which leads me to the conclusion that the Blog Emperor doesn't pay me enough.  I certainly don't need this network for an audience, so if there's any law publisher out there interested in sponsoring this site at a new location, drop me a line or give me a ring!

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