Friday, June 27, 2008

Discussing John Yoo and Academic Freedom on the Radio

I'll be on KFPA in Berkeley this morning (9:10 am Central Time, 7:10 am California time, 10:10 am New York time) discussing the John Yoo case (my views here) with Sharon Adams from the National Lawyers Guild.  The NLG, for reasons given here, thinks Berkeley should investigate Yoo.  I am disappointed the NLG has taken this position, for reasons we'll discuss on the air.  There are some pleasant ironies here:  I have been the faculty advisor for the student chapter of the NLG at the University of Texas School of Law for the past decade, and the student chapter was started by two students, one of whom, Carlos Villareal, is now Executive Director of the San Francisco NLG and author of the letter linked above!  I admire both the NLG and Carlos, even though I think they are on the wrong side of this particular issue.

UPDATE:  One can listen to the discussion here, it starts about ten minutes in.

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