Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Success Rates of Law School Graduates in Securing Teaching Jobs

MOVING TO FRONT:  Corrected version of this ranking is now on-line, incorporating additional data courtesy of Professor Solove.


Based on data compiled by Daniel Solove, here is a ranking of the schools whose graduates had the most success on the teaching market the past two years.  The sample for the study is small, though at least at the high end the results are probably pretty typical.  The relatively poor performance of Cornell and Penn grads is rather startling, especially given the comparatively large number of graduates trying to get teaching jobs--my guess is there were a lot of students misled by U.S. News in choosing where to go to law school.  Equally striking--though consistent with all anecdotal evidence--is the huge percentage of Yale Law grads seeking jobs relative to the size of the class.  Other schools with notably strong performances in this study are Virginia, Northwestern, Illinois (though the sample size is quite small), and Minnesota (again, the sample size is small).  The Texas result is particularly striking because this past year, I was working with only one graduate seeking teaching jobs (many of the Texas grads in the pool did not have any UT references--in some cases, they did not even have academic references).

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