Friday, January 25, 2008

Klarman from Virginia to Harvard

Michael Klarman (legal history, constitutional law) at the University of Virginia has accepted the senior offer from Harvard Law School.  (The HLS press release is here.)   He is the fifth former member of the UVA law faculty to migrate north in the last (roughly) seven years; the others are Jack Goldsmith, Daryl Levinson, William Stuntz, and George Triantis.  It is really a testimony to UVA's excellent eye for faculty talent that so many scholars who began as junior or relatively junior faculty at UVA have moved over the last decade to Harvard, Chicago (Case, Levmore, Malani, Roin), Stanford (Karlan), and Columbia (Long, the Scotts, Wu)--though that doesn't make their cumulative losses to UVA any easier to bear one suspects.

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