Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Most Cited Law Professors by Specialty--A Few More Corrections...

...are now on-line, including two scholars who were wrongly omitted from the prior top ten lists:  Paul Finkelman (Albany Law School) in Legal History, and Steven Lubet (Northwestern) in Legal Ethics.  An up-dated listing of the top 15 schools based on representation on these lists is being compiled.  I've also added in "Other highly cited scholars" who don't work exclusively in one of the ranked areas, but who had more than 1,000 citations, a change that was important, in particular, for NYU and, to lesser extents, Stanford and Michigan.  (The top five will now be 1.  Yale, 2.  Stanford, 3.  Chicago, 4.  Harvard, 5.  NYU.)


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