Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Advice for Dean Chemerinsky of the Bren School of Law at UC Irvine

Blog Emperor Caron has been publishing "advice" (scroll down for all the examples) for the incoming Dean of the new UC Irvine Law School (what was that guy's name?), some of it sensible, some of it weird, some of it silly, some of it rather hard to act on, even though it sounds good in principle.  GMU Law Dean Polsby's comments strike me as particularly apt. In any case, I've offered my two cents here.  I'm sure he can act on it, and it may even be sensible.

UPDATE:  A reader points out to me that the worst advice of all clearly comes from Blog Emperor Caron, who proposes replacing tenure with five-year contracts.  That, of course, would guarantee the immediate and total failure of the new law school at Irvine (unless, perhaps, salaries were to be triple the national norm, and even then Irvine would probably be scraping the bottom of the talent pool for lateral hires).  More distressing is Professor Caron's rather startling ignorance about tenure; he might do well to revisit the remarks of David Luban discussed here.  In any case, I feel confident Dean Chemerinsky will ignore this silly advice.


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