Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hofstra's Scholarly Impact

Hofstra Law School kindly sent me the results of its self-study using the methodology of the scholarly impact study I released in September.   Hofstra had impressive results (though it would not have made the top 35), results that also confirmed the wisdom of limiting the ordinal ranking to the top 35 schools.  Hofstra reported a mean per capita scholarly impact normalized score of 17 (tying with Brooklyn, Chicago-Kent, Florida State, North Carolina, and Wake Forest).  The ten most-cited faculty at Hofstra are Robert Bush, Nora Demleitner, Janet Dolgin, Monroe Freedman, Leon Friedman, Joanna Grossman, Richard Neumann, Alan Resnick, Andrew Schepard, and Roy D. Simon, Jr.  (Hofstra also reported an overall [mean and median] final normalized score of 14.5, tying with North Carolina.)

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