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May 18, 2007

Visiting Professors at the Top Law Schools for 2007-08

MOVING TO FRONT:  Updated with at least some of the Yale visitors.

As I did last year, I'm posting a list of the visiting professors at the top six law schools by almost all measures of faculty quality--which are the schools that also typically have the most visiting professors on a regular basis.  While many visiting stints are made with an eye to possible permanent appointment, not all are; some are so-called "podium" visits, which aim to fill an immediate teaching need at the school. By my calculation, for example, less than 25% of the visits last year resulted in (or are in process of resulting in) offers of permanent employment--but a somewhat higher percentage of the non-podium visits resulted in such offers.  Often visitors from local schools in the area are invited for podium visit purposes--though some "locals" may also be "look-see" visitors, i.e., under consideration for appointment.  NYU also has a fair number of "enrichment" and "global" visitors, well-known senior folks who are keen to spend some time in NYC (especially if the rest of the time they have to be in New Haven!), but who aren't necessarily interested in, or being considered for, lateral moves.  (Columbia gets some of these folks too.)  From the outside, of course, it's very hard to tell all these apart, so here, without further comment, are the visiting professors for 2007-08; please e-mail me about omissions or corrections, and I will update the list at various intervals over the next couple of months and move it to the front.

Yale Law School

Mitchel Lasser (Cornell University)

Thomas Merrill (Columbia University)

Theodore Ruger (University of Pennsylvania)

Harvard Law School (many of these are Winter Term [January] visitors only)

Ian Ayres (Yale University)

Gary Bass (Princeton University)

Jack Beermann (Boston University)

Mary Sarah Bilder (Boston College)

Curtis Bradley (Duke University)

Jennifer Brown (Quinnipiac School of Law)

James Brudney (Ohio State University)

Daniela Caruso (Boston University)

Seung Wha Chang (Seoul National University)

Bradford Clark (George Washington University)

Sharon Dolovich (University of California, Los Angeles)

Aaron Edlin (University of California, Berkeley)

Jill Fisch (Fordham University)

Jesse Fried (University of California, Berkeley)

Amanda Frost (American University)

Mark Gergen (University of Texas, Austin)

John Goldberg (Vanderbilt University)

Laurence Helfer (Vanderbilt University)

Don Herzog (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

Ram Hirschl (University of Toronto)

Allan Hutchinson (Osgoode Hall School of Law/York University, Toronto)

Vicki Jackson (Georgetown University)

Edward Janger (Brooklyn Law School)

Derek Jinks (University of Texas, Austin)

Russell Korobkin (University of California, Los Angeles)

John Leshy (University of California, Hastings College of Law)

Sanford Levinson (University of Texas, Austin)

Catharine MacKinnon (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

Thomas Merrill (Columbia University)

Hossein Modarressi (Princeton University)

Jonathan Molot (George Washington University)

Neil Netanel (University of California, Los Angeles)

Nathaniel Persily (Columbia University)

Kal Raustiala (University of California, Los Angeles)

J.B. Ruhl (Florida State University)

William Sage (University of Texas, Austin)

Pamela Samuelson (University of California, Berkeley)

Max Schanzenbach (Northwestern University)

Ayelet Shachar (University of Toronto)

David Sklansky (University of California, Berkeley)

Henry Smith (Yale University)

David Super (University of Maryland)

Gerald Torres (University of Texas, Austin)

Amanda Tyler (George Washington University)

Kevin Washburn (University of Minnesota)

Kathryn Zeiler (Georgetown University)

Jonathan Zittrain (Oxford University)

Eric Zolt (University of California, Los Angeles)

Stanford Law School

John Harrison (University of Virginia)

Timothy Holbrook (Chicago-Kent College of Law)

Jennifer Urban (University of Southern California)

Jonathan Zittrain (Oxford University)

University of Chicago Law School

Susan Bandes (DePaul University)

Howard Chang (University of Pennsylvania)

Margareth Etienne (University of Illinois)

Tom Ginsburg (University of Illinois)

Mechele Goodwin (DePaul University/University of Minnesota)

Patrick Keenan (University of Illinois)

Clarissa Long (Columbia University)

Ed Morrison (Columbia University)

Jonathan Nash (Tulane University)

Jide Nzelibe (Northwestern University)

Ariel Porat (Tel-Aviv University)

Andreas Their (University of Zurich)

Michael Vandenbergh (Vanderbilt University)

Noah Zatz (University of California, Los Angeles)

Columbia Law School

Sherry Colb (Rutgers University, Newark)

Melvin Eisenberg (University of California, Berkeley)

David Enoch (Hebrew University)

Jill Fisch (Fordham University)

Jesse Fried (University of California, Berkeley)

Clayton Gillette (New York University)

Lani Guinier (Harvard University)

Mitchell Kane (University of Virginia)

Jonathan Klick (Florida State University)

Melanie Leslie (Cardozo Law School)

John Leubsdorf (Rutgers University, Newark)

Ariel Porat (Tel-Aviv University)

Claire Priest (Northwestern University)

Amnon Rubinstein (Interdisciplinary Center, Herzilya)

Christopher Schroeder (Duke University)

Olivier de Schutter (University of Louvain)

Joel Slemrod (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor [Business School])

Jane Stapleton (University of Texas, Austin; Australian National University)

Stephen Sugarman (University of California, Berkeley)

Alec Stone Sweet (Yale University)

New York University School of Law

Sir John Baker (Cambridge University)

Donald Clarke (George Washington University)

Daniel Crane (Cardozo Law School)

Theodore Eisenberg (Cornell University)

Mitchell Engler (Cardozo Law School)

Mitchell Gans (Hofstra University)

Sally Gordon (University of Pennsylvania)

Mitchell Kane (University of Virginia)

Christopher Leslie (Chicago-Kent College of Law)

John Leubsdorf (Rutgers University, Newark)

Jerry Mashaw (Yale University)

Trevor Morrison (Cornell University)

Robert Rabin (Stanford University)

Larry Ribstein (University of Illinois)

Matthew Spitzer (University of Southern California)

Geoffrey Stone (University of Chicago)

Robert Thompson (Vanderbilt University)

Kenji Yoshino (Yale University)

Kimberly Yuracko (Northwestern University)

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