Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wayne State: the Latest Victim of the US News Craziness

The Detroit News reports on the turmoil after U.S. News, in its typically irresonsible fashion, dumped Wayne State into the "fourth tier" because of what turns out to be a reporting error on employment statistics.  (Dean Frank Wu comments on the cause of the absurd drop here.)   Someone should ask Robert Morse, who runs the ranking charade for U.S. News, to explain how it is these kinds of random, wild fluctuations provide meaningful information to students?  Unfortunately, law faculties--even ones like Wayne State's that are clearly in the top third, not the bottom quarter, of American law schools--don't have standing to sue for defamation.

Dean Wu is also resigning as Dean at the end of next academic year, for what he says here are unrelated reasons.


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