Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Texas "Emerging Scholars Program" Still Taking Applications!!!

I don't usually post these kinds of items, but will make an exception for my beloved home institution; one of my colleagues involved in the selection of candidates passes the following along:

The Emerging Scholars Program at the University of Texas School of Law is still taking application for fellowships beginning in Fall 2007.  The ESP provides financial and institutional support for three or four semesters of teaching and scholarship in residence at UT for persons who intend to pursue an academic career.  ESP Fellows are welcome into the community of scholars at UT and receive substantial faculty assistance with their scholarly projects.  More information about the program can be found on the ESP webpage.

Interested candidates should send their applications before January 26, 2007 to the address found on the webpage.  If you are already in the academy  and know someone (especially someone in practice) who might be interested and well qualified, please forward this information to him or her.

Let me add a few comments of my own.  First, our program--this is, in the more common vernacular, a kind of Visiting Assistant Professor program--is relatively new (this fall is only the third year we have welcomed faculty to the ESP), but so far quite successful.  We've had a total of three participants who have entered the job market--the first is now in a tenure-track job at a very good law school (and got a huge amount of play on the job market, with interviews at most of the very top law schools), and the next two (on the market now) have had dozens and dozens of interviews at excellent law schools, from the very top national law schools to the very best regional law schools, and already have two offers in hand (last I heard, two weeks ago--I've been out of the loop a bit because I was visiting at Chicago this fall).  So our track record is good!  Because our faculty is large and congenial, whatever your interests, you're likely to find helpful colleagues in your areas.  The teaching is structured so as to maximize the candidate's research, but also to provide opportunity for teaching experience in a "bread and butter" class.  (Basically what this has meant in practice is one course a term:  either a seminar in the area of research or an upper-level course in one of the candidate's primary areas.) 

Candidates who are on the general teaching market this year who haven't received attractive tenure-track offers should consider applying specifically to the ESP.

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