Thursday, November 16, 2006

Washington & Lee Law Library Updates Its Law Journal Rankings

Here, based primarily on citations and impact of articles published.  The results in the "combined" ranking (citations and impact) are a bit odd, at least at the high end.  Law review "prestige" and "visibility" tends to track school prestige and visibility, though as one gets further down the list this kind of ranking perhaps provides some useful information.  It's also nice that it integrates faculty-edited journals with the student-edited law reviews.  One can also search just faculty-edited journals by themselves; these results are also interesting, especially the "top ten" performance of the new Cornell-based journal devoted to empirical legal studies.  Legal Theory, the journal I edit with Larry Alexander and Jules Coleman, also fared best among the various "law and philosophy" journals, which might be of some modest interest to those who followed our earlier discussion of journals in this area.

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