Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Rise of VAP Programs

Blog Emperor Caron has updated his useful list of the proliferating Visiting Assistant Professor/Emerging Scholar/Bigelow-style programs which give folks one or two years of light teaching duties and an academic environment in which to cultivate their scholarship.  Ten years ago, these were almost unknown, and even programs like Chicago's Bigelow Fellowships, which existed then, didn't really have as their aim attracting and developing promising young scholars and teachers.  Are we heading into a period when very few will be hired into tenure-track jobs without first passing through one of these programs?  I am curious what both senior and junior faculty (whether alums of one of these programs or not), as well as those interested in teaching, think of this development.  (Post only once; comments may take awhile to appear.)

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I think the VAP programs (and their increasing numbers & importance) are a good thing. I am an alum of the Chicago-Kent VAP program. The two years gave me a chance to find an answer to those important meat-market questions: What are you working on? What's your teaching style? What do you like best/least about teaching? It also gave me a chance to get a publication out and another work-in-progress...all of these things I could not have gotten done while in practice or clerking.

Posted by: Kristen Osenga | Nov 19, 2006 1:31:06 PM

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