Monday, October 30, 2006

Top Faculties in Philosophy of Law

One of the things that has been occupying a lot of my time of late has been the bi-ennial survey of hundreds of philosophers for the Philosophical Gourmet Report; happily, the PGR for 2006-08 is now done, has been delivered to Blackwell, and will appear on-line in about two weeks.  (It will also be previewed in the November 5 "Education Life" section of The New York Times.)  One component of that evaluation exercise is an evaluation of philosophy faculties in more than two dozen different sub-specialties, including Philosophy of Law.  The results for Philosophy of Law for 2006-08 are previewed here.  Bear in mind that the evaluators were presented with lists of philosophy, not law, faculties--though in many cases law faculty working in jurisprudential fields are cross-appointed to the philosophy faculties as well.  (For those who are interested, a preview of the top 15 U.S. faculties overall is here; and a preview of the top 20 faculties throughout the English-speaking world in all aspects of value theory [from ethics to philosophy of law to philosophy of art] is here.)

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