Thursday, September 7, 2006

Around the Law Blogs

Feminist Law Profs critiques sexist legal humor, while Ann Althouse (Wisconsin) defends it.

UPDATE:  A reader points out that Professor Althouse (who, accordingly to the AALS Directory, is 55 years old) has responded to my merely calling attention to this debate by calling me a "nerd."  Oh goodness.  My 5th-grader was also called a "nerd" at school the other day.  This will help us bond. 

(As members of the Caron Blog Empire know, we get paid by the number of visits, so this Update is admittedly a cynical attempt on my part to get Professor Althouse to link here again.)

AND A FINAL ONE:  Thanks to one of my students for pointing out that in the comments Professor Althouse has gone a step further, and called me a "jackass."  Oh goodness, again!  A surprising choice of language from someone who, in the past, was quite prissy about the use of such words.

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