Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Immigration Law Expert Neuman from Columbia to Harvard

Gerald Neuman (immigration law, constitutional law, international human rights, comparative law) at Columbia Law School has accepted a senior offer from Harvard Law School.  In the last three years, Harvard has now hired eight faculty laterally to the tenured ranks:

Jody Freeman from the University of California, Los Angeles

Jack Goldsmith from the University of Virginia

Daryl Levinson from New York University

Bruce Mann from the University of Pennsylvania

John Manning from Columbia University

Gerald Neuman from Columbia University

Adrian Vermeule from the University of Chicago

Mark Tushnet from Georgetown University

Given that Harvard had for many years prior to that been relatively inactive in the lateral market, these systematic raids on other top law schools are having ripple effects throughout the elite legal academy.  Other laterals Harvard is still purported to be considering (some have offers in hand) include Philip Bobbitt at the University of Texas at Austin; Noah Feldman at New York University; Michael Klarman at the University of Virginia; Martha Nussbaum at the University of Chicago, Richard Pildes at New York University; Cass Sunstein at the University of Chicago; and Jeremy Waldron at New York University.

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