Friday, February 24, 2006

Tushnet from Georgetown to Harvard; also Texas Lateral Offers to Rodriguez, Whittington

Mark Tushnet (constitutional law and history, Critical Legal Studies), longtime member of the Georgetown law faculty, has accepted the senior offer from Harvard Law School.

This is turning into the year of very high-profile lateral moves.  Tushnet is the most-cited member of the Georgetown faculty, and one of the most-cited law professors in the U.S.  Douglas Laycock, the second most-cited member of the Texas law faculty, is moving to Michigan (where his wife is to become Provost).  Robert Scott, the most-cited faculty member at Virginia, is moving to Columbia.

Harvard may also be poised to give Yale a run-for-the-money for the best constitutional law faculty in the U.S., having added, since the time of the last survey, Daryl Levinson from NYU, Adrian Vermeule from Chicago, and now Tushnet from Georgetown. 

Meanwhile, the University of Texas School of Law has senior offers outstanding to Daniel Rodriguez (administrative and public law, positive political theory), the outgoing Dean of the University of San Diego School of Law (and before that a faculty member at Berkeley), and to Keith Whittington, Professor of Politics at Princeton University and probably the leading constitutional originalist of his generation.  Rodriguez also has senior offers from Duke, Southern California, and Vanderbilt.  (As reported quite some time ago, Texas also has an outstanding senior offer to William Sage [health law] from Columbia Law School, who is visiting at Texas this academic year.)

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