Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Political Philosopher Cohen from MIT to Stanford

The distinguished political philosopher Joshua Cohen, a longtime member of the Departments of Philosophy and Political Science at the Massachussetts Institute of Technology, has accepted a senior offer from Stanford University, where he wiil be half-time in Political Science, and one-quarter each in Law and Philosophy, as well as direct a new Center for Global Justice.  He will start next fall.   (He will, however, continue to co-edit the stimulating Boston Review, which will also remain Boston-based.)

Stanford Law School has been one of the few top law schools to have not had a philosopher on the faculty, so this is a major appointment for them, and a welcome affirmation of the importance of philosophy in American legal education.  Stanford also plans to start a number of new joint JD/PhD programs, including in philosophy.  I'm not sure Professor Cohen will be enough to anchor such a program (especially given how his time will be spread), though clearly students interested in issues at the intersection of law and political philosophy will do well to look at Stanford in the years ahead for the joint degree.

(There is a bit more on what this means for Philosophy at Stanford at my other blog for those interested.)


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