Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sheppard on Tamanaha on law schools

Cyber-cesspools and civil rights

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Rubenfeld on rape

He's been generating quite a bit of discussion!

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Best Faculties in International Law, 2013 (revised poll)

(Apologies to the 3 or 4 readers who completed the prior version, which wrongly omitted one top ten law school.)

Here's a new poll, covering international law, both what we usually call "public" and "private," so, e.g., international human rights, international institutions, international courts, international trade, international business transactions, internationl litigation, etc.  Comparative law scholars were not included, unless their work dealt with international legal issues as well.   Immigration law and national security law presented some tough cases, and no doubt there are some errors of inclusion and exclusion in these fields, but the idea was only to list those whose work had a significant international law dimension (as opposed to, e.g,  mainly a constitutional law dimension).

I will be policing cheating, as before.  Despite the bad behavior by some Berkeley supporters in the last poll, Condorcet polls are quite resistant to strategic voting (even in that case, the cheating would have gained Berkeley one spot, but those votes were substracted out).

We listed 18 faculties--the U.S. News top ten for international law, plus other top ten law faculties, plus a couple of others that might be contenders.  Only the top ten will be announced.

Have fun, but only if you know something about internatoinal law!

TSK TSK, ALREADY!  Someone who ranks Columbia #1 and NYU #17 is not playing the game honestly.  Fortunately, such pettiness will wash out.

CORRECTION:  In the faculty that begins Barr, Beny, it should be "Christine Chinkin" not "Catherine Chinkin."

AS NOTED PREVIOUSLY, these polls invariably leave out some schools that would perform as well or better than some included; one example pointed out to me is Arizona State, with Kenneth Abbott, Daniel Bodansky, and several other active international law scholars, is surely as strong as some of those listed (though I'm not sure if they would have made the top ten, but it is possible).

ANOTHER UPDATE:  The faculty beginning Martin, Moore should also have included, at least, Ashley Deeks and John Harrison.

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Top Ten "Business Law" Faculties, 2013

With slightly more than 200 votes cast (subtracting the cheaters who voted startegically for Berkeley), here are the top ten faculties (in parentheses, I note first the number of faculty listed [larger faculties typically have an advantage], and then the number of votes separating the school from the one ahead of it); "business law," for purposes of this survey included scholars working on (domestic) antitrust, banking law, bankruptcy, commercial law, contracts, corporate law, and securities regulation.

1.  Harvard University (13 faculty)

2.  Columbia University (17 faculty, 76 votes)

3.  New York University (18 faculty, 43 votes)

4.  Yale University (10 faculty, 11 votes)

5.  University of Chicago (10 faculty, 29 votes)

6.  Stanford University (8 faculty, 50 votes)

7.  University of California, Berkeley (11 faculty, 4 votes)

7.  University of Pennsylvania (10 faculty, 4 votes)

9.  Georgetown University (14 faculty, 29 votes)

10. University of Virginia (13 faculty, 26 votes)

Runners-up:  University of California, Los Angeles (12 faculty, 8 votes behind Virginia); Cornell University (7 faculty, 9 votes behind UCLA).

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Culpability for the "Blue Book"?

Blame Yale!  (Scroll down to the second letter.)

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Friday, November 29, 2013

"The Truth is Terrible"

This was the annual Epes Humanities Lecture at Davidson College, which some readers here might perhaps enjoy.  (Some law colleagues told me they did enjoy it, so I'm posting it here as well.)

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ten Best "Business Law" Faculties



A new poll, for your holiday entertainment.  "Business law" is fairly broadly defined to include antitrust, bankruptcy, contracts, commercial law, corporate law and finance, and securities regluation.  Corporate tax scholars are generally not included, unless they also do work in the other areas.   I've listed the business law faculty at the top 18 law schools, since I think it's pretty clear the top ten will be found in that listing, even if some faculties not listed are as strong or stronger than some of the 18 in the poll.

Once again, no linking or rallying votes via social media, or the offending school will be eliminated!  Please don't complete the poll unless you are somewhat knowledgeable about scholarship in some of these areas!

UPDATE:  The faculty beginning with Lucian Bebchuk should also include Charles Fried, for his work on contract theory.  And the faculty beginning with Randy Barnett should also include Christopher Brummer, for his work on securities regulation.

ANOTHER:  Thanks to various readers for feedback.  I should note that (1) once the poll starts, I can not alter the faculty lists; (2) the goal was to list faculty who write in the indicated business law areas; (3) the focus was on *domestic* business law scholarship, so someone working only on international trade or international business were not listed (or were not supposed to be listed!) (we will do a separate poll on international law faculties, both public and private).

TSK, TSK, BERKELEY SUPPORTERS (11/27):  Some pretty transparent strategic voting going on, we may have to drop Berkeley from the results!

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Windfall multi-million dollar gift from 1940 alumnus...

...for the University of Washington School of Law.

(Thanks to Nicholas Marritz for the pointer.)

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Big discounts for Pennsylvania residents at Penn State's Dickinson School of Law