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Friday, September 26, 2014

Troubles at Buffalo: Dean resigns amidst a lawsuit and other allegations

News story here.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

More on Thomas Jefferson and the prospect of law schools closing

"The Circumstances of Civility"

This topic has become timely again with the Salaita affair at Illinois, and various public addresses, including by the Berkeley Chancellor, about the topic.  And for a different take, try this.

(And Happy New Year to those celebrating!)

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New AALS website...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Akron, Cincinnatti, Toledo see enrollment declines, while majority of Ohio schools hold steady (or show gains) from 2013

See especially the chart accompanying the article, which focuses on Toledo's woes.  My guess is that Cincinnatti's anomalous enrollment drop is due to a desire to preserve its national rank.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

The scheduling of interviews at the AALS "meat market"

Schools vary in their procedures for scheduling interviews with candidates at the "meat market," but a typical pattern is this:  after an initial cull of candidates in the first AALS distribution, schools begin doing "due diligence," which typically means talking to references and reading work by the candidates.  Appointments committees usually only meet once a week.  At each meeting, the Committee will take a decision on some of the candidates they've been reviewing, and then contact them to schedule interviews.  The same thing will happen the following week and so on, until all the spots are filled.  For schools that do a lot of 'due diligence,' the process of scheduling 15 or 20 candidates to see could easily take four weeks.   It's important for candidates to realize that this is how many schools proceed, so the fact that an anonymous person on some blog reports they have an interview at school X does not mean you, a hopeful candidate, will not get an interview with school X.  School X may have only just begun, and may be scheduling interviews for weeks to come.

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Signs of the times: Thomas Jefferson Law School misses bond payment, seeks restructuring of debts


Story here.  TJLS is a free-standing law school in San Diego, facing two better-established competitors in the local market, California Western and University of San Diego.

UPDATE:  Blog Emperor Caron reports bad news for TJLS from one of the ratings agencies (not that they have much credibility, but....).

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

$50 million naming gift for Drexel's law school


...for what promises to be a very interesting event.  Not much new till Monday I expect.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

One lawyer, one law professor receive MacCarthur Fellowships (CORRECTION: TWO lawyers)

They are:  William Mitchell law professor and Native American advocate Sarah Deer, civil rights lawyer Mary Bonauto, and criminal defense lawyer Jonathan Rapping. 

(These used to be called "genius" awards until it became clear they weren't really being awarded for "genius." Now they recognize people doing innovative [often political or social] work in a wide variety of fields.)

(Thanks to Orin Kerr for the pointer.)

ANOTHER CORRECTION:  Rapping is also a law professor, at Atlanta's John Marshall Law School.

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