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Friday, February 14, 2014

Hanover Research Higher Ed consultants recommend reading this blog...

...since, as they note, "Law school deans around the nation follow Professor Brian Leiter of University of Chicago Law School."  The quality of the readership is the main reason I continue blogging!

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Former Georgetown Dean Judith Areen named new Executive Director of AALS

I think that is a very welcome development, and wish Dean Areen good luck in her new role.

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Roithmayr on Chua & Rubenfeld

Daria Roithmayr (USC) has a pretty devastating take-down of Chua & Rubenfeld's strange new book.  I'd say more, but I have to get to a meeting of the international Jewish banking conspiracy, where the Chua & Rubenfeld book will be discussed.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A dozen years out, most law school graduates glad they went

Once again, we may be certain that actual evidence will have no effect on cyber-ranting, but it hopefully will have an effect on rational observers; among the preliminary results:

Graduates of the top 10 law schools who worked full-time earned median pay that was $73,500 more per year than graduates of Tier 4 schools. And among graduates of Tier 3 schools, grades made a big difference. In that group, those with the highest grade point averages had median pay that was $121,500 more than those with the lowest grades....

The 2012 respondents were largely happy with their decision to attend law school. Asked to rate their satisfaction with their decision to become a lawyer on a 1-to-5 scale, the average was 3.92.  Asked whether law school was a good investment on a 1-to-7 scale, the average was 5.5. Asked whether would go to law school if they had it to do over again using a 1-to-7 scale, the average was 4.91.

The findings show a movement from private practice to business since the first wave of the study. The percentage of respondents working in the business sector was 27.7 percent in 2012, compared to only 8.4 percent in 2003. At the same time, the percentage of respondents in private practice was 44.1 percent in 2012, compared to 68.6 percent in 2003.

The median remaining educational debt for the survey respondents in 2012 was $50,000, compared to $70,000 in 2003. Nearly 48 percent had no debt remaining in 2012, compared to only about 16 percent in 2003.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

In Memoriam: Andrew Taslitz

I'm very sad to report that Professor Andrew Eric Taslitz - Taz - of American University (where he moved in 2012 after a long career at Howard University) passed away this weekend after a fight with cancer.  He was 57 years old.

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Harry Arthurs (Osgoode) on the impossibility of producing "practice-ready" lawyers

Arthurs, former Dean of Osgoode and one of Canada's most eminent legal scholars, gives a talk well worth watching by anyone genuinely interested in what reform of legal education can and cannot do.

UPDATE:  Steve Diamond (Santa Clara) comments, and also provides a link to the manuscript version of the talk.

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Simkovic & McIntyre review of Tamanaha

I'ts now out.  In some ways, this is now all ancient history, given that we appear to have arrived at a new equilibrium, as I've noted before.

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Albany Law offering "buy-outs" to 8 senior faculty...

...according to this story.  I continue to hear, though, that there is no financial emergency at Albany, and that there are other sources of conflict between the Dean and some faculty.  If someone from Albany would like to weigh in "for the record" (and with their name attached), I will be glad to post.  Please send me an e-mail.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Penn Law Dean Mike Fitts to become President of Tulane

He has been Dean at Penn since roughly 2001, and has had a very successful tenure. A lucky catch for Tulane! Tulane's announcement.

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Yale Law School faculty urge ABA not to impose an "experiential" learning requirement

One letter is from the "Sterling Professors" at Yale Law School (the equivalent of "University Professorships" elsewhere):  Bruce Ackerman, Akhil Amar, Guido Calabresi (emeritus), Mirjan Damaska (emeritus), Owen Fiss (emeritus), Harold Koh, Anthony Kronman, John Langbein, Jerry Mashaw, Roberta Romano, and Alan Schwartz.  YLS Dean Robert Post has also sent a letter.  Obviously, given my already expressed views, I am in strong agreement with the points they make.  (There is also mischief afoot at the state bar level in several jurisdictions.  What an unfortunate and pointless set of developments this is, ones that will guarantee an increas in the costs of legal education to boot.)



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