February 23, 2018

Brooklyn Law School Professor Alex Stein named to the Israeli Supreme Court!

The BLS news release.

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February 13, 2018

The UVA pipeline of female Deans of elite law schools

A FB friend pointed out the remarkable pattern of recent years:  women who began their careers as tenure-track law professors at the University of Virginia, and are now Deans of leading law schools.  They are Kerry Abrams (newly appointed Dean at Duke), Risa Goluboff (Dean at UVA), Liz Magill (Dean at Stanford), and Jennifer Mnookin (Dean at UCLA).  I guess other leading law schools will know where to look in their next Dean search!

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February 02, 2018

A new Dean for Duke

Kerry Abrams from UVA.  She succeeds David Levi, who left the federal bench to become Dean at Duke eleven years ago; I think it's fair to say Duke flourished under Judge Levi's stewardship.

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January 15, 2018

Greenberg vs. Dershowitz on whether Trump can obstruct justice

The always awful Alan Dershowitz has been all over the media arguing that Trump can't obstruct justice; Mark Greenberg (UCLA) here takes the argument apart.

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January 08, 2018

SSRN download rankings now measure mentions in newspapers

The top 11 "most downloaded" law authors in the last 12 months are eleven tax professors who co-authored two papers on the recent tax overhaul, which garnered a prominent mention in The New York Times, leading to more than 70,000 downloads in the last month.  For 10 of these 11 tax professors, these two NYT-plugged papers constitute 95% or more of all their downloads.  The traditional #1 in downloads among law professors, Cass Sunstein, is now a mere 12th!  This has happened before with SSRN, but usually involving one author (e.g., Christopher Fairman, or Daniel Solove).   Farewell to SSRN downloads as a metric of any interest for at least a year!

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December 21, 2017

Interim Dean Song Richardson at UC Irvine named Dean

Her colleague Rick Hasen has the news.

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November 30, 2017

Law review articles influencing the Supreme Court

Articles by Matt Tokson (Utah), Will Baude (Chicago), and James Stern (William & Mary) were influencing the Justices yesterday when Carpenter was argued at SCOTUS; my colleague Lior Strahilevitz has the details

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November 03, 2017

Top 20 U.S. law faculties in terms of scholarly excellence, 2017 edition

So with a bit more than 160 votes over the last 48 hours, here are the results for the poll that presented evaluators with faculty names, rather than simply school names:

1. Yale University  (Condorcet winner: wins contests with all other choices)
2. Harvard University  loses to Yale University by 77–67
3. University of Chicago  loses to Yale University by 118–32, loses to Harvard University by 127–21
4. New York University  loses to Yale University by 122–28, loses to University of Chicago by 79–60
5. Stanford University  loses to Yale University by 121–29, loses to New York University by 73–65
6. Columbia University  loses to Yale University by 126–21, loses to Stanford University by 85–56
7. University of California, Berkeley loses to Yale University by 137–15, loses to Columbia University by 113–29
8. University of Pennsylvania loses to Yale University by 140–9, loses to University of California, Berkeley by 74–62
9. University of Virginia loses to Yale University by 138–9, loses to University of Pennsylvania by 75–55
10. University of Michigan loses to Yale University by 140–9, loses to University of Virginia by 69–52
11. Duke University loses to Yale University by 144–6, loses to University of Michigan by 78–49
12. Northwestern University loses to Yale University by 142–8, loses to Duke University by 67–62
13. Georgetown University loses to Yale University by 140–10, loses to Northwestern University by 70–63
14. Cornell University loses to Yale University by 144–5, loses to Georgetown University by 71–63
15. University of California, Los Angeles loses to Yale University by 141–9, loses to Cornell University by 66–61
16. University of Texas, Austin  loses to Yale University by 144–4, loses to University of California, Los Angeles by 74–49
17. Vanderbilt University loses to Yale University by 139–6, loses to University of Texas by 77–41
18. University of Southern California loses to Yale University by 141–6, loses to Vanderbilt University by 67–54
19. George Washington University  loses to Yale University by 138–11, loses to University of Southern California by 81–43
20. University of California, Irvine loses to Yale University by 143–6, loses to George Washington University by 70–57
Runner-up (essentially tied with UC Irvine):  University of Minnesota loses to Yale University by 141–7, loses to University of California, Irvine by 62–56


Now compared to earlier Condorcet Internet polls I've run here, which just presented school names, this survey did seem to have some minor impact on muting the U.S. News effect:  e.g., Stanford dropped from third to fifth, while NYU easily bested Columbia.  I may try to put together another such poll for schools in the 21-30 range, say--perhaps next week. 








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November 01, 2017

Top 20 law faculties in terms of scholarly excellence

Each fall, I've run a condorcet poll about "top law faculties," but just listing school names.  This year, I am going to try something slightly different, and if it works, I'll expand it beyond the top 20.   At this link, you will get a list of roughly 15 faculty members at 24 law schools that might be in the "top 20."   The listing of faculty is representative; we primarily used the most recent Sisk citation data, but sometimes added faculty who were elected to the American Academy even if not in the top 15 for citations.   The name of the school appears parentheses, but let's see if asking readers to look at the names of faculty first affects their ranking.

Have fun!

ADDENDUM:  The list for Georgetown should have included David Luban, that was an accidental omission.

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October 12, 2017

Professor Wax addresses Penn audience regarding op-ed controversy

There is an account, of sorts, at the Penn student newspaper (it's sub-headline comletely mischaracterizes through innuendo what Wax said about slavery, judging from the account later in the body of the article--but this makes me wonder how reliable the whole thing is).   I can not tell to what extent Professor Wax addressed, if at all, the substantive (and devastating) criticism she receives from several of her colleagues.

UPDATE:  A friend at Penn points out that Professor Wax's entire talk can be viewed here.  I have not watched it, but may later.

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