Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Yale Law School faculty urge ABA not to impose an "experiential" learning requirement

One letter is from the "Sterling Professors" at Yale Law School (the equivalent of "University Professorships" elsewhere):  Bruce Ackerman, Akhil Amar, Guido Calabresi (emeritus), Mirjan Damaska (emeritus), Owen Fiss (emeritus), Harold Koh, Anthony Kronman, John Langbein, Jerry Mashaw, Roberta Romano, and Alan Schwartz.  YLS Dean Robert Post has also sent a letter.  Obviously, given my already expressed views, I am in strong agreement with the points they make.  (There is also mischief afoot at the state bar level in several jurisdictions.  What an unfortunate and pointless set of developments this is, ones that will guarantee an increas in the costs of legal education to boot.)




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