Sunday, January 5, 2014

SSRN Download Mystery

I just happened to look, for the first time in a few months, at the download stats for law professors at SSRN, and here's what I found for the last 12 months (the first number is the total number of downloads in the last 12 months, the second is the download rank, and the third is the number of new papers in the last 12 months):

The mystery is:  what happened to Cass Sunstein (Harvard) and Daniel Solove (George Washington), who are usual mainstays of the top ten?  (Several years ago, Solove published a paper that got picked up by the media and which has been downloaded some 135,000 times all by itself!).   Shoot me an e-mail if you know.

UPDATE:  An astute reader notes that it appears Harvard and George Washington faculty were somehow not counted, since also missing from the law list are high download authors like Lucian Bebchuk (Harvard) and Orin Kerr (George Washington)!

SOLUTION:  The "all authors" list includes the missing law professors, yielding the following top ten list for law faculty:

1.  Cass Sunstein (Harvard)

2.  Daniel Solove (George Washington)

3.  Glenn Reynolds (Tennessee)

4.  Dan Kahan (Yale)

5.  Lucian Bebchuk (Harvard)

6.  Mark Lemley (Stanford)

7.  Brian Leiter (Chicago)

8.  Orin Kerr (George Washington)

9.  Ryan Goodman (NYU)

10. G. Mitu Gulati (Duke)

The only real surprise there is Reynolds, though considering his blog has at least a half million readers, I'm surprised he isn't #1!

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