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Friday, January 24, 2014

July 2013 California bar exam results

Here.   Good news esp. for Loyola-LA, Chapman and Western State (among others), less so for Irvine, Hastings, McGeorge, and Thomas Jefferson (among others).  Here's the breakdown by percentage of first-time takers by school who passed:

Stanford 91%
UCLA 88%
Loyola-LA 87%
USC 86%
UC Berkeley 85%
UC Davis 85%
Pepperdine 81%
Chapman 77%
UC Irvine 77%
UC Hastings 76%
USD 75%
USF 75%
Western State 75%
Southwestern 74%
Santa Clara 73%
California Western 69%
La Verne 68%
McGeorge 67%
Whittier 65%
Golden Gate 56%
Thomas Jefferson 50%

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