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Friday, December 6, 2013

Top Ten Law Faculties in International Law, 2013

With slightly more than 120 votes cast, here are the top ten faculties in international law (both public and private) (in parentheses, I note first the number of faculty listed [larger faculties typically have an advantage], and then the number of votes separating the school from the one ahead of it):

1.  New York University (14 faculty)

2.  Yale University (11 faculty, 33 votes behind NYU)

3.  Harvard University (12 faculty, 5 votes behind Yale)

4.  Columbia University (12 faculty, 14 votes behind Harvard)

5.  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (16 faculty, 50 votes behind Columbia)

6.  Duke University (8 faculty, 1 vote behind Michigan)

7.  Georgetown University (13 faculty, 19 votes behind Duke)

8.  George Washington University (11 faculty, 19 votes behind Georgetown)

9.  University of California, Berkeley (5 faculty, 4 votes behind George Washington)

10. University of California, Los Angeles (9 faculty, 17 votes behind Berkeley)

Runners-up for the top ten:  University of Chicago (4 faculty, 3 votes behind UCLA); Northwestern University (8 faculty, 18 votes behind Chicago). 

Schools not included in the survey--like Iowa, Arizona State, Fordham, Minnesota and Temple--would probably have outperformed some of the faculties surveyed, though I don't expect any would have made the top ten.  (I'm less confident about Minnesota.)

I have to say it is impressive, to me at least, how sensible the results of these polls have so far been.

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