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Monday, December 2, 2013

Top Ten "Business Law" Faculties, 2013

With slightly more than 200 votes cast (subtracting the cheaters who voted startegically for Berkeley), here are the top ten faculties (in parentheses, I note first the number of faculty listed [larger faculties typically have an advantage], and then the number of votes separating the school from the one ahead of it); "business law," for purposes of this survey included scholars working on (domestic) antitrust, banking law, bankruptcy, commercial law, contracts, corporate law, and securities regulation.

1.  Harvard University (13 faculty)

2.  Columbia University (17 faculty, 76 votes)

3.  New York University (18 faculty, 43 votes)

4.  Yale University (10 faculty, 11 votes)

5.  University of Chicago (10 faculty, 29 votes)

6.  Stanford University (8 faculty, 50 votes)

7.  University of California, Berkeley (11 faculty, 4 votes)

7.  University of Pennsylvania (10 faculty, 4 votes)

9.  Georgetown University (14 faculty, 29 votes)

10. University of Virginia (13 faculty, 26 votes)

Runners-up:  University of California, Los Angeles (12 faculty, 8 votes behind Virginia); Cornell University (7 faculty, 9 votes behind UCLA).

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