Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Top ten faculties in constitutional law and theory, 2013

So with 170 votes cast , here are the top ten faculties (in parentheses, I note first the number of faculty listed, and then the number of votes separating the school from the one ahead of it--some of the differences are very small):

1.  Yale University (15 faculty)

2.  Harvard University (23 faculty, 39 votes)

3.  New York University (25 faculty, 104 votes)

4.  University of Chicago (15 faculty, 32 votes)

5.  Columbia University (18 faculty, 4 votes)

6.  Stanford University (16 faculty, 25 votes)

7.  Georgetown University (30 faculty, 16 votes)

8.  University of Virginia (27 faculty, 22 votes)

9.  University of California, Berkeley (15 faculty, 26 votes)

10.  Duke University (14 faculty, 26 votes)

Runners-up for the top ten:  University of Texas at Austin (18 faculty, 19 votes behind Duke) and University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (14 faculty, 7 votes behind Texas).

Not crazy results, though I would have thought Harvard better than Yale, and NYU on a par with Yale.  I would also rank Texas ahead of Duke, Berkeley, and Georgetown, but maybe that's because I know so many of the very good people there.  But what do I know?

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