Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More on the dental school analogy...

...from the WSJ law blog, including an interesting little quiz.

UPDATE:  A colleague elsewhere writes, regarding some of the earlier quotes about dental schools in the WSJ item:

Of course, none of the quotes were:

“Dentals schools are just trying to steal money from their students”

“Dental professors are useless and lack any relevance in the real world”

“Dental professors don’t teach students how to be dentists”

A marked difference from today [in the case of law schools].

I guess dental schools back then lacked charlatans and opportunists to fan the flames of misplaced resentment.  (This professor asked not to be identified since, as he put it, "ordinarily I don't mind commenting publicly, but this is one area where I'd prefer not--I don't need the hassle from the haters," adding that the "squelching of dissent is remarkable," which is no doubt true (vide yesterday's post about on-line harassment).   After years of on-line harassment, I, fortunately, am indifferent to it!

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