Sunday, November 10, 2013

A new poll: the ten best faculties in constitutional law and theory

We last did this four years ago, so here's a new one, listing 21 faculties that might have some claim on being in the "top ten" (no doubt I omitted some faculties better than some of those listed, but we're aiming only for a "top ten" list as the outcome).  Please don't participate unless you know something about the area!   No school names are used, just lists of faculty writing in the area (broadly construed to include, e.g., civil rights and voting rights, federal courts, but not, e.g., administrative law by itself).  A faculty name marked with an * indicates that faculty member is only part-time at the institution.

I'm afraid I can't add (or remove) names once the poll has started.  If there are grievous omissions, let me know, and I'll note that when the final results are available.

Have fun!

ADDENDUM:  As usual, I ask that no one link to the poll; if there is a link, the school(s) likely to be favored will be removed from the final results.

ERROR OF OMISSION:  The faculty list including Chafetz, Dorf, Shiffrin et al. should also really have included Aziz Rana, John Blume, Laura Underkuffler and Sherry Colb--sorry about that error!  Fortunately, it appears to have been the only significant one.

AND MORE:  I am embarrassed to have carelessly confused the spelling of the last name of my terrific junior colleague Nicholas Stephanopoulos with that of the terrific Oxford legal philosopher Nicos Stavropoulos!  In addition, Curtis Bradley could clearly be added to the list that includes Adler, Benjamin, Powell, Youn get al., as could Jack Knight, cross-appointed to law from political science.

AND AGAIN:  The faculty list with Blasi, Bobbitt, Greenawalt, Greene et al. should have included Ariela Dubler as well!

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