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Friday, May 10, 2013

Corporate Practice Commentator's "Top 10" Articles for 2012

The full list is here; the authors of the 11 articles are:  (1) John Armour (Oxford), Bernard Black (Northwestern), and Brian Cheffins (Cambridge); (2) Oren Bar-Gill & Ryan Bubb (both NYU); (3) Robert Bartlett (Berkeley); (4) Michal Barzuza (Virginia); (5) William Bratton & Michael Wachter (both Penn); (6) Matthew Cain (Notre Dame, Business) & Steven Davidoff (Ohio State); (7) Cheffins (Cambridge), Armour (Oxford), & Black (Northwestern) again, for a different piece; (8) Jill Fisch (Penn); (9) Edward Rock (Penn); (10) Richard Squire (Forhdam); and (11) Randall Thomas (Vanderbilt) & Robert Thompson (Georgetown).

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