Monday, February 4, 2013

Petition in support of academic freedom at Brooklyn College

There is information about recent events at Brooklyn College here and also here (and follow the various links).  Brooklyn College President Gould's latest, and strong, statement on the matter is here.   The petition is here, and has already been signed by hundreds of academic philosophers.  Since a law professor, Alan Dershowitz of Harvard Law School, has been leading the charge against Brooklyn College, I hope law professors, including those at Harvard, will sign this petition to make clear where the legal academic community stands on this issue.  (You may include identifying information in the "comment" section of the petition.)

UPDATE:  Although it presents different issues, it seems to me that this is, qua academic freedom matter, as clear a case as the call for Berkeley to fire John Yoo several years ago. 

ANOTHER:  The New York Times has come out strongly in support of academic freedom, and repudiated the position of Professor Dershowitz.

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