Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Greater diversity in institutions offering legal education...

...a subject we've touched on before is, it seems to me, compatible with tenure and academic freedom, contrary to Stephen Diamond (Santa Clara).  I think he is also mistaken in his characterization of Brian Tamanaha's critique--Tamanaha is correct, in my view, to view access to education, including legal education, as an issue of social justice, and correct to note that the high cost of legal education has major ramifications for what kind of legal work graduates perform.

UPDATE:  Professor Diamond tells me that Tamanaha argues against tenure as part of accreditation standards, which is a mistake.   Tenure and academic freedom should be decopuled from issues about the length of law school and the teaching vs. research models of higher education.

ANOTHER UPDATE (1/22/13):  Professor Diamond has temporarily disabled his blog, due to an influx of threatening and inappropriate comments.  The "scam" blogs are increasingly coming to resemble Autoadmit.


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