Monday, June 18, 2012

The latest on the UVA fiasco, including a substantive, public statement from President Sullivan

Details and excerpts here.

(As some readers will know, I overlapped at Texas with Sullivan, whom I knew only slightly; I was, of course, on the law faculty with her husband, Douglas Laycock, for most of my 13 years at Texas.  I should add I've had no "inside" information on this at all; indeed, I've had no communication with Laycock, other than a one sentence note of acknowledgment he sent after I e-mailed him to express my condolences about the mess there.  As our colleagues from Texas will know, he and I were often on opposite sides of some important institutional issues!  Like everyone else in our profession, I have the highest regard for his scholarly work--he is the "trailing spouse" every law faculty would like to get!)

UPDATE:  Stephen Bainbridge (UCLA), a UVA alum, comments.

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