Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Observations on lateral hiring with tenure during 2011-12

A few random thoughts related to this list:

(1)  A lot of lateral moves by scholars in international law, legal history, and constitutional law.

(2)  Wisconsin lost three productive, mid-career senior faculty--not good!

(3)  Three senior hires by Nevada!

(4)  UCLA recruited two faculty from Michigan, a notable coup.

(5)   The "top ten" moves of the year (in terms of significance for the hiring and/or the losing school) might include:  Adler from Penn to Duke; Cushman from UVA to Notre Dame; Dudziak from USC to Emory; Morrison from Columbia to Chicago; Nourse from Wisconsin to Georgetown; Powell from GW back to Duke; Rossi from FSU to Vanderbilt; and Sykes from Stanford to NYU.  But that list no doubt reflects mainly the limits of my knowledge of all the work being done by those who moved this year.



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