Monday, March 12, 2012

The Attack on Rutgers-Camden, Continued

Responses from members of the Rutgers-Camden law school community and the idiot Governor in action (also here).  To take a research-active faculty, many of whom have close ties with the outstanding philosophy department at New Brunswick, and yank them out of the Rutgers system and drop them at "Rowan," a school no one outside of South Jersey has ever heard of...well, the whole thing has the makings of a catastrophe.  Anyone who can leave will leave, and a lot can.  (As the U.S. News fiasco with Loyola LA showed, the name change alone will cause the rank of the new "Rowan Law School" to crash.)

Finally, a bit of humor about a basically unfunny situation.

UPDATE:  And here's a revealing portrait of the South Jersey politician/businessman behind the proposal to destroy Rutgers-Camden--by the way, he's a Rutgers-Camden drop-out!

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